Virtual Hospitality Hour
After each Sunday’s worship service, the congregation is normally invited to Hospitality Hour in the Social Hall. This is a wonderful time to meet and mingle.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, our social time has gone “virtual.”

Virtual Hospitality Hour

It’s customary for Augustanans to gather after our Sunday worship services for Hospitality Hour. We invite all to pour yourself a cup of coffee and join the conversation online.

Join Online

About In-Person Hospitality

What do Hosts do? Make coffee and punch/lemonade (provided); set out tableware as needed (provided); bring the food you would like to serve, as well as cream for coffee; serve and clean up.  Plan for at least 100 guests. You may bring something as simple as doughnuts, or as elaborate as a lunch.  Augustanans will enjoy it all!

Each member is asked to host TWO SUNDAYS each year.  Find the dates that work for you!  Teams are made up of 4 adults, or 2 households.

DIRECTIONS for making coffee, setting up, etc. are posted in the kitchen at church.

Hospitality Hour coordination is currently being handled by the church office.
Would you like to serve as Coordinator? Let Valerie know, and thanks!