This Sunday we’ll join for worship at 10:30 AM, followed by our annual congregational meeting and a pot luck lunch.

In a world where many meetings could really be emails, and many emails could be a quick text or phone call, we’ve grown weary of gathering together to do work. I get it! But the annual meeting isn’t one of those throwaway moments; rather, it is central to our life as a community of faith.

This Sunday we’ll elect new members to the church council, which governs and directs the mission and work of the community all year long. This is no small thing! We’ll learn about the church’s stewardship practices, and how they’re being strengthened; this will include a progress report on the financial irregularities that were discovered in 2022. Together, we’ll pass a 2023 budget that reflects our values and our faith in a God who provides.

The annual meeting is a time to reflect with gratitude on all that has been, and prepare to say “YES!” to all that is to come. Don’t miss it! 

Worship will be a significantly abbreviated bilingual liturgy, lasting about 45 minutes. We’ll focus on only one biblical text this week, Matthew 5:13-20. Church, you are “the salt of the earth.” May we season and–dare I say spice up!–the church’s mission for 2023, together.