The search is on! Augustana Lutheran is conducting a search for a “Director of Children and Family Ministry” (DCFM) and we need your help! Successful recruiting often comes through connections with someone in the congregational community. This means that you may know the person who knows our next Director of Children and Family Ministries!

You don’t need to find our next DCFM, but we would love it if you would share the position with those in your network. Your networks are filled with good people and the more good people who know about this opportunity at Augustana, the more likely we are to find the right person. The goal is not to think of a specific candidate who would be a great fit (although if you know someone, that’s great!), but rather who can you let know about the position who may know of someone who is a great fit. Let them know so they can pass it along to their network.

View the full job description here.

We’re trying to spread the word far and wide, so thanks for helping with that. If you have any questions, please reach out to Danny Barlow.