Throughout the season of Epiphany, all are invited to receive an Epiphany star gift!

Epiphany Stars
The use of star words, also called “star gifts,” is a prayer practice connected to Epiphany and the new year. The idea is that a list of intention words, or guiding words, are written on wooden stars, which are shared with the congregation at random. Participants are encouraged to trust the word they have received, even if it is challenging or seemingly disconnected from their life. Individuals are encouraged to place their star word somewhere they will see it regularly throughout the year to allow consistent reflection on how God has moved through, around, or in connection to that word.

You can pick yours up on Sunday mornings throughout January and February, or, if you are not planning to attend worship in-person during this season, please reach out to the office–a star will be in the mail to you!

Just as the Magi followed a star to find Jesus, so too may this prayer practice guide us into seeing where Jesus is showing up in our own lives.