Augustana Lutheran Church has a congregational form of government. This means that all decision-making authority is vested in the congregation, when a meeting of all members with voting privileges is called and conducted according to the constitution and bylaws, usually in January or February each year (and at other times for specific purposes).

In between annual meetings, the elected congregational council makes decisions and functions as the highest decision-making body.

2020 Congregational Council

The council is made up of Augustana Lutheran Church members elected by the congregation and has general oversight over, and fiduciary responsibility for, the affairs of the congregation. The council generally meets on the second Monday of each month. Should decisions need to be made between meetings, the council has delegated authority to an executive committee consisting of Danny Barlow, Gloria Harris, Pastor Margrethe S. C. Kleiber, Ronald Mueller, and Katie Shanahan.

Augustana Lutheran members are free to contact any member of the council in person to discuss matters of interest or concern.


Nominating Committee

The nominating committee recruits candidates for open positions on the congregational council each year. Members of the committee are elected by the congregational assembly at its annual meeting.

Other Committees

Other committees of the congregational council carry out the leadership for and operation of the congregation’s various programs/ministries. These committees are:

Danny Barlow*
Brian Borders
Jerry Brown
David Bylsma
Sarah Estill
Videlbina Flores-Fitch
Ronald Granados
Gloria Harris, Secretary*
Cal Kielhold
Ben Lundin
Ronald Mueller, President*
Katie Shanahan, Vice President*
Denise Walker
* Member, Executive Committee

Ex officio:
Manuel Caceres, Santa Maria
Pastor Margrethe S. C. Kleiber, Interim Pastor*

Officers of the Congregation:
Dennis Roy, Treasurer
Danny Barlow, Financial Secretary
Lou Costanza, Assistant Financial Secretary