The AUGUSTANA 2022 ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING will be held on Sunday, February 6, 2022, immediately following the 10:30am worship service. The meeting will be held both electronically via ZOOM and in-person from the sanctuary. The agenda for the meeting includes selection of new members to the Church Council and to the Nominating Committee, approval of the 2022 annual budget, election of laypersons to serve as voting members at the Synod Assembly, election of members to the Mission Endowment Fund Committee, and to consider any other business properly presented at the meeting.

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Meeting ID: 814 2240 5514
Passcode: 200409

Instructions for Attending the Meeting by Telephone


The Agenda for the Congregational Meeting is as follows, each as explained more fully below:

1.       To elect members to the Council to serve for a three year term;

2.       To elect members to the Nominating Committee, to serve for a one year term;

3.       To approve the 2022 annual budget;

4.       To elect layperson to serve as voting members at the Synod Assembly;

5.       To elect members to the Mission Endowment Fund Committee; and

6.       To consider any other matter that shall properly come before the Meeting.

Each of the items requires approval of a majority of the voting members present.  Additional information on each of these will be distributed in advance of the meeting.