In accordance with Mayor Bowser’s order to close all non-essential businesses due the to COVID-19 pandemic, the Augustana Lutheran Church office will be closed until further notice.
Augustana Easter Worship

Embodying a ministry of gracious welcome centered in a vibrant, historic liturgy, we are an intercultural ELCA congregation that welcomes all people—racially integrated since 1954 and Reconciling in Christ since 1987.

Our Spanish-speaking ministry roots its mission of service, justice, and community in the living worship of Jesus our Savior.  Santa Misa, Domingos a las 2:00 pm. Servicio de Sanidad, tercer domingo del mes. Escuela dominical durante la misa.

Weekly Worship Services at 10:30am

During this time of lock-down and isolation, we are continuing to provide worship through our ALBUM ministry. The services are streamed 10:30am via Facebook and YouTube.

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Congregational Meeting – August 23 at 11:30am

Join fellow members of Augustana and Santa Maria for a congregational meeting online. We will be amending our constitution and bylaws, and ratifying and authorizing repairs to the sanctuary air conditioning system and organ.

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