Augustana Easter Worship

Embodying a ministry of gracious welcome centered in a vibrant, historic liturgy, we are an intercultural ELCA congregation that welcomes all people—racially integrated since 1954 and Reconciling in Christ since 1987.

Our Spanish-speaking ministry roots its mission of service, justice, and community in the living worship of Jesus our Savior.  Santa Misa, Domingos a las 1:15 pm. Servicio de Sanidad, tercer domingo del mes. Escuela dominical durante la misa.

Worship In-person or Online

Augustana has returned to in-person worship with congregational singing and choir. Masks are not required, but are recommended. The 10:30am Sunday service in English is streamed via YouTube (Dial-in is also available). La Comunidad de Santa Maria gathers at 1:15pm in person for worship in Spanish.

Link to Worship Online

Church Clean-up Day – October 15Church Clean-Up Day

Saturday, October 15 at 10:00 AM
The Property Committee invites everybody who is interested in putting on their old dungarees and rolling up their sleeves to join us as we spruce up things in preparation of the Holidays and winter. So please join us for our Fall clean-up and some fun. Lunch will be provided!

The Augustana Church Office will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please plan to wear a mask in the building at all times.