Fall Stewardship Campaign

“Sowing Growing and Harvesting”

The fall is a time of transition.  It is a season to harvest seeds that, planted earlier, have matured; as well as, a time to prepare the soil and to sow seed that will not be harvested for some time.  The same hold true for us at Augustana.  As we look back over what we have harvested throughout the year it is also a time to plan for the future.  This year’s Stewardship campaign strives to assure both our incoming pastor and ourselves as a congregation that Augustana can continue sowing, growing, and harvesting for next year and beyond.  This fall, “Sowing, Growing, Harvesting” asks Augustanans to make a one year “annual gift” pledge for Augustana’s Mission and Work.   Also, if you have not already, it is not too late to make a pledge toward our 2016-2018 Point to the Future capital campaign toward physical and staffing needs.

To make your commitment, review the 2017 Giving Guide, complete the attached Time and Talent Pledge Form and your Financial Pledge Form; then either send them to [email protected] or bring them to church office.


2016-2017 Giving Guide Book    Financial Pledge Form      Financial Pledge Form (Spanish)       Time and Talent Pledge Form

Offerings in offering plateAs people of God, we are called to give our time, talent and treasure.

Why do we give?

As God’s called people, we give generously:

  • in gratitude for God’s abundant gifts to us.
  • in loving concern for our neighbors both near and far.
  • in hope of extending God’s legacy to new generations.

What are ways I can give?

Give now by credit card

For the mission and work of Augustana/Santa Maria. To give my support to the mission and work of Augustana/Santa Maria each week or month (SUBSCRIBE)

Point to the Future

For Augustana Lutheran Broadcast oUtreach Ministries (ALBUM)
  • Give time and energy to the mission and work of the church. Individuals are encouraged to fill out a time and talent form during the stewardship campaign every fall to indicate their intentions and interest areas of service to leaders in the congregation. Of course, volunteers for committees, groups and other tasks as they arise are welcome at any time. See the list of regular, ongoing activities that you can engage in.
  • Pledge an amount of funds you will give annually, such as:
    • a percentage of your income
    • the dollar equivalent of something you value
  • Give special gifts in response to regular appeals, such as for feeding the hungry, or those that arise on occasion, such as addressing other compelling human needs.
  • Honor a friend one or memorialize a loved one with a tribute gift in their name.
  • Give a planned gift by designating Augustana as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy or other financial instruments.
  • Give a Welcoming Church Home “capital gift” to help Augustana pay for past and ongoing building and grounds improvements.
  • Give non-perishable food items or grocery store gift cards to help the needy in our community. Get more information including a list of suggest food items.

How can I give monetary gifts?

There are a variety of channels for making monetary gifts:

  • cash or check placed in the offering plate during worship
  • weekly offering envelopes provided by the office
  • automatic and regular withdrawals from your bank account (arrange with your banking institution as you would an automatic payment for a utility bill)
  • Simply Giving
  • Online through our website – gifts made with a PayPal account or credit card (click on the “Donate” button at the top of this page)
  • Gifts of stock
  • Gifts of real property should be discussed with the pastor in advance to determine Augustana’s ability to accept the gift

Appeals to watch for

During the year, Augustana encourages people to make special gifts to the following: