A greeting from Augustana

Welcome to Augustana!

Without seeing you, I know that you are welcome because this is what Augustana does. Augustana welcomes everyone!

We are located in the middle of Washington, D.C. Visitors participate in our worship services every week as new D.C. residents or tourists. Like you, they may find Augustana on the internet, walking by, or on the advice of a friend. Rarely does someone leave the church without one or more people welcoming them. And at Augustana, welcoming everyone means embracing the whole spectrum of human diversity in the District of Columbia and surrounding communities. The reward for extending this hospitality is the occasional glimpse we catch of the kingdom of God as God intends it.

Your reasons for coming back for a second or third time will most likely be because you felt genuinely welcomed, or you are drawn in by the diversity of the community, or you take pleasure in the high standard Augustana sets for music and liturgy, or, at least some have told me, because the preaching connected God’s Word to their lives. By your fifth or sixth time, you will probably have made personal connections perhaps at the Hospitality Hour of refreshments and conversation that follows our services, a spontaneous brunch, an invitation to a young-adult activity, or a connection with the Sunday school parents and families. If you continue, you will be invited to do things that expand your personal Augustana network while helping to sustain the activities of the church. And as your relationships mature, you will find yourself surrounded by an urban family of caring friends.

Augustana has been located at New Hampshire and V Streets since 1935. The congregation is committed to this place and has an embedded commitment to serve our neighbors and community throughout the week. Located at an intersection, we see our selves as a crossroad community when we worship and our building as a crossroad center whose facilities support the bringing of people together for human services, meetings and conferences, and celebrations. And our caring extends through our urban family to reach out to people coping with a huger, homelessness and other needs.

The first time you walk in the door, you may not know what you are looking at, but you will be seeing a community that lives out the core values of welcoming others, living diversity, lifting up God’s Word and Sacraments, caring for one another, reaching out to needy people, and commitment to V and New Hampshire and its surroundings.

You are always welcome at Augustana!